Waiting List Management
Anyone who wishes to be admitted to the property or to be placed on the property's Waiting List must complete an application. The application must include a signature certifying the accuracy and completeness of information provided. If the applicant is placed on the property's Waiting List, the list will note the name of the applicant, the date and time of application, the type of income, the size of unit desired, and any other pertinent information.

Selecting Names from the Waiting List.
The property will select names from the waiting list in chronological order to fill vacancies unless an extremely low-income applicant is needed to achieve income-targeting requirements in this Section 8 property, and the next applicant on the waiting list has income above the extremely low-income limit. In such a case, a notation will be made on the waiting list to indicate why this applicant was skipped for an extremely low-income applicant.

Skipping Over an Applicant on the Waiting List

  • In addition to the requirement to skip over applicants on the waiting list in order to accomplish the required percentages for income-targeting, the 0/ A will skip over an assistance applicant lacking               documentation of a SSN, per the EIV Final Rule: "...`if the processing entity determines that an applicant is eligible to participate in a program, the applicant may retain its place on the waiting list for the program but cannot become a participant until it can provide the complete and accurate SSN assigned to each member of the household, and the required documentation referred to in paragraph (g)(l) of the notice."

Applicant's Refusal to Accept a Unit

  • When appropriately sized units are offered to applicants, and an applicant turns down unit offers two consecutive times, the applicant will be placed at the bottom of the Waiting List.

Maintaining the Waiting List
In order to maintain a balanced application pool, the property may, at its discretion, restrict application taking, suspend application taking, and close waiting lists in whole or in part. Decisions about closing the waiting list will be based on the number of applications available, and the ability of the property to house an applicant within a reasonable period of time. Closing the waiting lists, restricting intake, or opening the waiting lists will be publicly announced via the : Chico Enterprise Record.
Policy for Closing the List

  • The waiting list will be closed when the average wait is two years. Potential applicants whose names appear on the waiting list will be notified via mail of the closure of the waiting list. The waiting list closure will also be published in the newspaper(s) listed above, and will state that additional applications will not be accepted until the waiting list is no longer excessive. During the period when the waiting list is closed, the property will not maintain a list of individuals who wish to be notified when the waiting list is reopened.

Reopening the List

  • If there is a need to reopen the waiting list, the property will advertise in the newspapers listed above, explaining the rules for applying, when and where to apply, and the order in which applications will be processed.

Updating the Waiting List
The Waiting List will be updated annually. Applicants must contact the property the first of every year between January 2"d and January 31st in order to stay on the Waiting List. The property will update the waiting list by removing the names of those who are no longer interested in, or who are no longer qualified for, assisted housing. The applicant is responsible to update the application with any changes that may occur to remain active on the current waiting list.

Removal of Applications from the Waiting List

The property will not remove an applicant's name from the waiting list unless:

  • The applicant requests that the name be removed.
  • The applicant was clearly advised of the requirement to tell the property of his/her continued interest in housing by a particular time and failed to do so. Those applicants failing to respond within the required time frame will be removed from the list. They may reapply at any time, but will not assume their old position on the list.
  • The property made a reasonable effort to contact the applicant to determine if there is continued interest in housing, but has been unsuccessful.
  • Management is informed by the applicant that they are no longer qualified for assisted housing.


  • There are NO LOCAL preferences at this community.

Current Approximate Wait Time

3 years for a 1 Bedroom

Up to 1 year for a 2 Bedroom

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